Premiair Freight FreightSafe Warranty Terms & Conditions



  1. Premiair Freight will provide to the Customer a warranty against loss or damage to Goods during the Carriage and while the Goods are in the possession of Premiair Freight or their agents, subject to the limitations and exclusions set out hereunder, hereinunder referred to as the FreightSafe Warranty.
  2. The FreightSafe Warranty applies to all goods consigned on each Customer’s unique account number, as well as all cash sale consignments.


FreightSafe Warranty Claims

Any claim under the FreightSafe Warranty for damage to or loss of Goods (“Claim”) must be made online, using the online claim form found at

  1. The Customer must notify Premiair Freight in writing of any Claim within the following time limits:
  1. The Customer may only make one (1) Claim per consignment.
  2. The Customer must provide to Premiair Freight with any Claim, documentary evidence acceptable to Premiair Freight (for example copy of the supplier’s invoice or evidence of actual cost of manufactured goods) as proof of value of the Goods.
  3. Where the customer makes a valid Claim, Premiair Freight reserves the right to pay the Claim directly to the Customer by credit note to the Customer’s account.
  4. Claims will only be paid by Premiair Freight in respect of any Claim after the Customer has paid all outstanding amounts owed by the Customer to Premiair Freight on their account, so that the account is within agreed trading terms.


FreightSafe Warranty Limitations

  1. The FreightSafe Warranty is subject to the following limitations:
  2. Claims are limited to loss of or damage to the Goods only. For the avoidance of doubt, the FreightSafe Warranty does not cover any consequential loss or damage suffered by the Customer as a result of loss or damage to the Goods.
  3. The maximum amount that may be claimed from Premiair Freight under the FreightSafe Warranty is the lesser of:
    1. the FreightSafe Warranty Limitation Amount of $1,500 or;
    2. the cost price of the Goods, as supported by documentary evidence acceptable to Premiair Freight (for example copy of the supplier’s invoice or evidence of actual cost of manufactured goods).
  4. GST and freight charges relating to the consignment covered by the FreightSafe Warranty shall not be included in the calculation of any amount payable under the FreightSafe Warranty in respect of the Goods and any payment by Premiair Freight arising out of any Claim made by the Customer will be exclusive of GST.
  5. Where a claim has been paid in full for goods damaged, Premiair Freight reserves the right to take possession of the goods as salvage and to dispose of such goods as it sees fit.


FreightSafe Warranty Exclusions

  1. Premiair Freight will not be liable for any Claims made by Customers in any of the following circumstances:


Amendments to Terms and Conditions of Contract

  1. Premiair Freight reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions of contract from time to time, without prior notice to the Customer